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2017 Range | TOAD®

Browse our huge range of diaries for a fresh organisational start to the year! Our selection of diaries covers various weekly and daily formats, and we offer many different cover styles and binding types so you can find the perfect product.


And as with all TOAD® products, you can choose your start month. Pick up a standard diary 'start of the year diary', or choose a start date to suit your schedule. Made here in the UK, TOAD’s unique diaries are a quality, environmentally friendly option to help you get organised in the new year.


Week View Diary



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Why not add the personal touch?


Why not make it personal?

All TOAD® products have optional cover personalization. And with our new Range of diaries we’ve put together some of our best cover designs, all with their unique fonts that have been specially chosen to compliment the cover design. Browse our shop for a modern looking diary that you can really make your own.



Start any date

We all have our own ways to reorganize for the new year ahead… so why are the high street options so limiting? With TOAD® you can start your diary any time. Just before the new year to get ahead of the game, or after the new year has begun... whatever suits you best! Like we say at TOAD® 'It’s your life, Run it your way!'


Start any date



weekly and daily formats covered


Covering the classics

Both the week view diary and the day per page diary are extremely popular the world over… and here at TOAD® we’ve got these classics covered. If you need the space to write detailed notes for each day of the week then day per page is the way to go, easy check your week ahead at a glance then it’s a week view.