PLEASE NOTE:  Lead times for wiro-bound products are once again 2 days to despatch.      We are also pleased to announce the re-introduction of the hardback options, with these lead times being presently 5-7 days to despatch until further notice.


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Create your Perfect Diary in seconds with TOAD designer.

You can choose duration, size, cover design and even personalise the book! Make your own Diary instantly by choosing from a broad range of formats. There are weekly formats, daily formats and many other specialised formats too.

We pride ourselves on creating practical, personal and good-looking diaries. They are hand-produced and quality-checked to ensure you get your perfect product, just the way you want it. And we deliver within 3 working days of receiving your order!

Our books have a white wiro-bound binding & come with a semi-frosted poly cover for added protection. Create your own great looking diary that's perfect for your needs. At TOAD we don't like conformist we like giving people a choice. That's why we're pleased for you to let us create your diary - Just for you.

Oh...and you can also personalise the covers front and back! TOAD - One of a Kind.


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