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Never satisfied with the practices of the ‘me-too’ industry, TOAD Finishing brings innovation and distinction to the fore. Exploiting the best of modern and traditional technologies, our UK expert bookbinders bring fresh and new finishing concepts to the world of books.

The TOAD Finishing Team is totally dedicated to delivering high quality outcomes and always with a single-minded focus on the customer.

See what suits you best from the range of exciting Finishing options we do.

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OUR MOST POPULAR STYLE of binding is both robust and enduring. Our case bound books offer a wide range of options to suit all uses from trade binding to special edition bindings both sewn and unsewn.  

Cover material options range from real or bonded leather, to quality cloth of all types, through to printed paper over board for a design-led finish.  

Case bound books also offer lots of choice for finishing such as foil and blind blocking, headbands, page marker ribbons, rounding and backing, jacketing and slipcases.

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LUXURIOUS, STRONG AND IMPROVING WITH AGE, these are the characteristics we tend to associate with fine leather bindings.  

From clean modern bindings, which let the quality of materials do the talking, through to traditional bindings with raised bands, marbled endpapers and gilt edges, our leather binding specialists pride themselves in producing distinctive and exquisite results.


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ADDING ELEGANCE TO YOUR CREATION, foil and blind blocking can be applied to a wide range of products and materials to create a beautiful finish.  Traditional gold and silver foils are the most widely used, however, a more modern look can be achieved through the use of coloured foils.  

And, for understated elegance, blind blocking is the perfect choice.  We use finest quality brass blocks for a superior finish, whether large bold type or intricate finely detailed artwork.

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WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON FLEXIBILITY and our experienced staff are ready to deliver excellent quality in many different styles.  From perfect bound magazines to wiro or spiral bound school planners to innovative & creative bespoke bindings, we cover all options.

Our production department has three teams: on-demand, volume and bespoke - this approach allows us to always deliver the best service and quality no matter how challenging the project.


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SHOWCASING YOUR PRODUCTS to the very best effect, we make beautifully crafted boxes, presentation boxes and slipcases to your requirements.  Either working from your own design or choosing from one of our selection, many different inner and outer finishes are available.  

Enhanced finishes can be applied such as foil blocking and padded inners.  If you require guidance on the most effective or suitable style simply speak to one of our experts for advice.

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STRENGTH, LONGEVITY & INDIVIDUALITY can be achieved through correctly sewing and stitching books to suit their use.  For many, the standard section sewn case bound book is the desired finish and this is made more individual through finishing touches such as foil blocking or elastic closures.  

However, we offer a wide range of sewing and stitching options, such as singer sewing and traditional hand sewing.  Exposed stitching and the choice of coloured threads can be an another way to make your project both more individual and attractive.


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EVERY REPAIR IS DIFFERENT but most books can be restored to their former glory in the safe hands of our specialist team.  The restoration may involve re-stitching, reproducing or repairing covers, cover-finishing features, spines or re-lining.  

The aim throughout is always to match the original volume as closely as possible.  We have many years experience of repairing and restoring valuable books and can often provide an accurate quote from a series of photographs of the work to be restored.


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