In this section we've given you the low down on our current formats. On the website you will find further variants to the basic formats described below – each has its uses and we're pretty sure we've got one which suits you.

Watch this space though, we're aiming to introduce a whole new range of formats very soon. So you can create your own custom made diary, one that works for you...

Fortnight to view

The noble week to view. You really can't go wrong. Your seven-day schedule laid down each page with just enough space to scribble those all-important meetings, birthdays and where to pick up the kids on Friday. 
It's great if you're one to look ahead, see how the next fortnight is panning out. Rather know what's coming than be caught out in the midst of things!

Week to view with Notes

It's a classic in diary design, it's simple, handy and it works. So we didn't bother changing it...much.  We went a little further and stuck in an extra page for notes next to each week if that helps. The notes page is great if you've got shopping lists to write, ticket references to remember, work hours to tally up. Choose from gridded, lined or blank. We've covered the bases so you can find what you suit you.

Week across two pages

Another traditional in diary design.  Each diary page has a little more room for making notes, handy if you've got a lot to cram in one day, or if your handwriting's on the larger side.  As for the layout itself. We've spread the week over two pages. Monday to Wednesday on your left and Thursday to Sunday to the right. This way you've got the current week laid out in front of you. If a week ahead is enough to think about then this format is for you, with a seven-day spread, it's not too overwhelming, yet allows to plan your attack over the coming days.

Day to Page

Now here's a format for the busy schedule. Like the name says, each diary page spans a whole day, enough space to plan everything you need to fit into that 24 period!

Day to Page and Week to View with Appointments

As is the TOAD way, we went a little further. If you're one with too many irons in the fire, or have a job that demands specific time slots, then this type of diary might just work for you. Each diary page is divided into time slots, which you can choose (10mins, 15mins, 20mins, 30mins). This way you can plan your day and make the most of that precious time.

We took the choice time slots a stage further and applied to this week to a 2-page spread view, created in a columnar format for easy day-to-day comparison across the whole week.

Two days to page

A more middle ground approach would be the two days to a page. With enough space to note the key points in your day yet with the ability to track the week ahead. Great if you've got a busy schedule but still need that forward planning.

Day across 2 pages

The diary goes large! This format is great if you have a lot of detail to capture each day. A number of variant will increasingly become available, with the current version showing the days date on one side and a lined notes page on the other side
Anytime! (undated)

Finally, our Toad special is the Anytime! Available in all formats: Simply circle (or underline, or draw a fancy squiggle) around the month, date and year you choose. The ultimate no waste diary!