Notebook & Journal Formats


Maybe you’re a number person? Whether it is maths, engineering or lab work, digits just do it for you. The gridded lines make for useful guides in planning, calculating and even drawing. 

Broad lines

Useful for note taking, list writing, essay planning. Great if you have to work fast, a lot to get down in a short space of time means your handwriting can go a little AWOL! 


Same perks as the broad lines only...well...narrower! If you handwritings on the smaller side and you can take a little more time over your work, or perhaps like to make the best use of your pages then narrow lines are for you! 


For those with a free spirit. No guides, no rules, no-where to draw the line! Ideal for artists or the doodlers among us. 


Or how about a combination? The beauty of a custom made journal is that you decide what happens on the inside. Toad lets you mix up the formats, blank and broad lines, grid and narrow, you name it, we can create it! 

Maybe you're not quite after a journal, perhaps something more specific. We have two more options on the list... 


Well the good news for musicians is that we offer a 'music and lyrics' format. With seven staves per page plus enough room to scribble some lyrics under each, it's great for those moments of inspiration!  We’ll soon be introducing wide range of Music Notebook variants and there’s sure to be one to suit any gifted and budding musicians, form vocalist to percussionist, from rock guitar to keyboards, and many more!

Address books / Contacts

We currently offer a 'contacts' format. A handy little book containing your friends/clients/colleagues addresses, phone numbers etc.  Many more variants on their way!

To top it all off, in true Toad style, we offer a range of page-counts, bindings, colour and size.
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