Toad Ambassadors

Toad Diaries for free! Enjoy up to 100% off the Toad Diary product range simply by telling your friends and colleagues about us.

Toad is shortly introducing its Toad Ambassador offer, which will give you the opportunity to receive up to 100% off our range of Toad Diaries, Journals and related products.

A Toad Ambassador is someone who simply spreads the word about the unique Toad offering – a diary you can buy anytime of the year, and you decide everything about it – including when it starts and ends.

We will give you a Promo Code to pass on to your friends who will immediately enjoy a 10% discount on all Toad products. You will have your own Personal Promo Code, which also starts off at 10% discount and grows towards 100% as your friends and contacts place orders on Toad.

We’d love to have you on-board helping to spread the Toad message, to get involved, click here.