Custom Hardbound Book Binding & Printing

TOAD® Trade Services include hardbound book binding services. Emboss your hardbound cover with your logo or bespoke detail. Create your own unique content for us to print and hard bind your books, or have our in house team help you produce your very own bespoke content. Options include PPC hardbound, leather-look hardbound, real leather hardback cover finishes! We will provide an estimate on the cost of project within 24-48 hours, and also come back to you with the various options and prices so you can choose a way forward that suits you best.

There are various options for your hardbound printing project, which are outlined in more detail below.

hardbound book printing and binding services

Speak to us today about your binding, printing or presentation projects.

Big or small, no matter the size of your project, simply email [email protected] where Tim will handle your enquiry. Tim has many years experience in the book-binding business and he'll deal with all your queries in an expert and helpful manner.

Tim will work closely with you to oversee your project from start to finish, making sure you get the right results every time. He'll be able to talk you through the many printing and binding options we have available, which ones will work best for you and also the comparative costings.

You can also contact us via [email protected] if you'd like a sample of the type of product you're after.



10's - 1000's

We can create your custom hardbound books in small runs of 20 at a time, or into the many thousands.


Custom Finishing Options

Irrespective of the type of hardbound book, whether printed cover of custom leather, be sure you'll have many finishing options to choose from with us.


Choose the type of hardbound book

We cover all the standard types of hardbound binding and printing, as well as many custom options including the layflat type pictured above.



We ensure that every aspect of your hardbound book printing project is in line with what you have requested, and we will send you a reference sample for you to see and sign off before starting the production of the order.