Foil Blocking, folding, stitching and Sewing.

Foil blocking gives a book that finishing touch, an added bit of elegance. Foil blocking can be applied to a wide range of products and materials to create a beautiful finish. Traditional gold and silver foils are the most widely used, however, a more modern look can be achieved through the use of coloured foils. We use finest quality brass blocks for a superior finish, whether large bold type or intricate finely detailed artwork.

As with All TOAD® products we offer an excellent service, as part of this service we offer folding, Our expert team will fold each section by hand ready for stitching, this is a time consuming process especially for larger orders but it ensures each section is accurate. You can also provide your print already folded for us if you so wish.

Strength can be achieved through correctly sewing and stitching books to suit their use. For many, the standard section sewn case bound book is the desired finish and this is made more individual through finishing touches such as foil blocking or elastic closures. However, we offer a wide range of sewing and stitching options, such as singer sewing and traditional hand sewing. Exposed stitching and the choice of coloured threads can be an another way to make your project both more individual and attractive.



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Big or small, no matter the size of your project, simply call or email Chris Booth, our book binding specialist.  Chris has 38 years experience in the book-binding business and he'll deal with all your queries in an expert and helpful manner. Chris will oversee your project from start to finish, making sure you get the right results every time. Chris will be able to talk you through the many printing and binding options we have available, which ones will work best for you and also the comparative costings. 

You can also contact Chris if you'd like a sample of the type of product you're after.



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Speak to us today about your binding, printing or presentation projects.  






The Block is the name given to the piece of metal that displays your required design. The design that gets printed appears on the raised part of the block, not the indented part. We use these blocks to put our foil onto the books. The metal block gets heated to the correct temprature and this melts the foil onto the book, sealing it to the surface.


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Our gold foil comes in a variety of different golds and gives that regal look to any book cover, branding can also be blocked in either shade if you provide a quality logo or supply the block. Silver foil gives that more elegant feel and looks great on black covers, ask for a sample to see if you wish to see an example up close.



Some books may require a different number of sections to others, to get a more accurate understanding of this it's best to speak directly with our team, get in touch with Chris to discuss this further. Each section is counted to the appropriate number and then folded into sections, we also quality control this part of the process so that any errors in print are picked up early, so new copies can be made before the book is finalised.


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We can create beautiful books with exposed spines that are certainly unique, we can do this using a variety of colours to give the customer a variety of options. If you're looking for a book that stands out against others, but is a more sophisticated product, we can provide a much more classic look by using black stitching on the spine instead of colour. Our stitching is always done to the highest standard so that the book looks its best and lasts for a long time.