Book Restoration - Old Antique & Rare Book Repair

TOAD® Trade Services include book restoration and repair. Our team of book restorers have many decades of experience and can take on even the most challenging book restoration and repair project. They are fully equipped to repair a book to its original condition through re-stitching, repairing the spine, corners and covers. We will provide an estimate on the cost of repair, alongside a marked-up photograph of the book. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours with various options and prices so you can choose a way forward that suits you best.

We have been trusted to work on rare antique books such as family bibles, hospital records, family history records and collector’s books.

There are various stages that your repair may require, which are outlined in more detail below. .

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Big or small, no matter the size of your project, simply email [email protected] where Tim will handle your enquiry. Tim has many years experience in the book-binding business and he'll deal with all your queries in an expert and helpful manner.

Tim will work closely with you to oversee your project from start to finish, making sure you get the right results every time. He'll be able to talk you through the many printing and binding options we have available, which ones will work best for you and also the comparative costings.

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An old book can regain its original durability through removing the stitching and carefully hand stitching the book back together..



Depending on the condition of the book we may suggest replacing the cover. Our repair team have a range of materials available so that the replacement cover will match the original as closely as possible. Alternatively, we may simply repair the cover.


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The same is true of the spine of a book. However, the spine is an essential part of the books durability and so we may add additional strength to the repair with additional spine board. The final book will often be stronger and more durable that it was when it was first made.


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We ensure that every change made to your repair is in line with what you have requested. We will do everything possible to restore or repair your book whist ensuring there are no irreversible changes made and that where requested the original materials are kept in tact.