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Academic 2019-2020 Diaries A5 Layflat Faux Leather


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Academic Diary & Mid-Year Diary Range 2018-2020

Our mid-year academic diary range offers unparalleled choice for your next mid-year diary. With these custom, start any month academic diaries, you can choose a diary that works around your life. Students are under increasing pressure to achieve on a daily basis, and our academic diaries are here to help you in your educational life. Our planners start on your chosen start month, and last as long as you choose, helping you keep on top of your complex academic life. Packed full of meetings, appointments with teachers, time-tables, course-work and lectures, it’s no small feat to keep on top of it all. Make your university life a little easier with an academic diary that works around you.

Mid-year diaries are useful to give you a fresh start to getting organised in the middle of the year. Start on any month you choose with our mid year diary 2019-2020 collection. In a choice of hardback, spiral bound and faux leather options you won’t find more choice available anywhere else for your mid-year start diary. Our products are made right here in the UK and we are committed to thorough quality checks to ensure you get the perfect academic diary or mid year diary.




Included in your Academic Mid-Year Diary


3 year calendar pages

Personal Info
Two pages to record useful personal infomation
e.g) Passport number, email & NI infomation


3 year calendar pages

Calendar - 3 Year
3 pages of month view calendar
covering current year, previous
year and following year


Year Planners
When you need to note up coming events, the current
year and following year planner is ideal


Additional Notes
Includes at least of 4 notes pages
in back of the diary



Mid year diary additional features...


Add the Personal Touch
Diaries come with free personalisation.
(On both front cover and back cover in the essentials range)


Section Sewn and Soft Feel Cover

Plastic Pocket
A useful diary feature to keep a business
card or space for receipts


Template Choices

Choice of Format
Popular page a day and week to view
as well as many specialised formats.


TRUE Layflat Opening

White Ribbon
Easily pick up where you left off
with a quality way finder ribbon