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Mid-Year Diaries are paper planners that usually start in June. This is to give people the option to get reorganised mid-way through the year. Academic diaries, on the other hand, usually start in September just as the university year begins. However, we know everyone has individual needs, unique schedules, and their own ways of organising themselves. This is is what we support in our products here at TOAD.

TOAD’s mid-year/ academic diaries offer unparalleled choice for your next mid-year diary. If you’re in need of a Week-to-View mid-year diary, or a Page-a-Day Mid-year diary we have you covered here at TOAD. You can also choose from or many other specialist academic formats.

Your diary can start on the month you choose, to work around your personal needs. You can also choose your own size, duration, cover design, binding type and further personalise either your mid-year diary or academic diary. Mid-Year Diaries are really useful to give you a fresh organisational when you’re due back at work, school, college or university. Select your ideal start-month from our mid-year diary 2021-2022 collection in spiral-bound, hardback, and faux leather options.

Students are under increasing pressure to achieve in a highly competitive environment these days, and our academic 2021-22 planners are here to help. They are full of time-table, course-work and lecture layout pages, as well as sections for important meetings and appointments. Give yourself a helping hand with a diary that works around you and your education!

We produce all our diaries here in the UK and commit to thorough quality checks. They are all made FSC certified paper and our factory is dedicated to being CO2 neutral by 2022.