Customised Notebooks & journsls.

Custom Notebooks & Journals.

Design your own notepad in seconds with



Customised your notebook



Choose a soft-touch material or
design-led printed covers for your custom notebook


Customise your notepad lenth


TOAD® notebook designer


Design your own journal layout with a huge range of content choices


Free Personalisation


Available in: A5, EXEC & A4




You can choose from...

Soft Touch Customised Journals

Essentials customised notebooks & notepads

Create Your Notebook Now - Soft Touch Covers

Create Your Notebook Now - Design-led covers


TOAD notebook designer on a laptop computor


A little bit more about TOAD®DESIGNER



Create the perfect notebook in a few simple steps!




1. Choose your ideal size

Our custom journals are available in A5, A4 & 'Exec' size



Custom journal size options



2. Choose a cover from a wide range of designs

Create the ideal personalised notebook by choosing your perfect cover and personalised text.



Customised notepads with personlaised covers



3. Choose a notebook format that best suits your needs

Lined, gridded, blank, or a mixture?

Our customised notepads allow you to create your ideal journal in a few simple clicks.



Custom internal notebook layouts



4. Finally, personalise!

On top of our notepad cutomization options you can also personlise the cover design with your prefered text.



Personalised covers.


Design your own notebook button - Soft Touch


Design your own notebook button - Essenetails.