• The Voice of The Customer

    By Isaac Grinsdale on 19/06/2019

      The Voice of The Customer: Listening to And Connecting with Your Customers As part of our blog we have recently launched TOADBusiness: A place where we share some of our business insights for Start-Ups and young entrepreneurs. If there’s one thing I would encourage a business in start-up...

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  • How to Make an Origami Boat

    By TOAD on 02/04/2019

        Why not make your own instructions and write them up in a with a TOAD custom notebook

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  • Is your Job Putting Your Health At Risk?

    By TOAD on 02/04/2019

    Is your Job Putting your Health at Risk? This infographic takes a detailed look at the health implications for various types of employment and how it might relate to your job.       TOAD Diaries is a company that make personalised & customised diaries from via their website at 

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  • The Importance of Writing by Hand in the Digital Age.

    By Isaac Grinsdale on 21/01/2019

    The Importance of Writing by Hand in the Digital Age.

      The digital revolution is now in full swing.  Every aspect of modern life is dominated by our smart phones laptops and other digital devices.  With them comes powerful software tools such as Microsoft Office and Grammarly that can correct our spelling and grammar in an instant.   Is it any...

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  • 6 Inspiring Productivity Quotes to Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Time.

    By Isaac Grinsdale on 01/01/2019

      6 Inspiring Productivity Quotes to Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Time.     This classic productivity quote is of course about getting right the first time.  Going back to redo your work is frustrating disappointing and can even be emotionally draining. On top of that it...

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  • How To Make Sure Your Being Effective In Your Work

    By Isaac Grinsdale on 20/11/2018

    ‘Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.' Peter Drucker.   This is a great quote from Peter Drucker because it goes beyond the typical time-management narrative of ‘working productively’ and goes on to point out that if you’re not doing the right things then your wasting...

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  • Halifax Courier Business Focus Covers TOAD® Diaries

    By TOAD on 20/08/2018

      Recently the Halifax Courier Covered TOAD® Diaries in an in-depth interview with the founder Tim Grinsdale.  If you'd like to know what inspired the creation of TOAD® and some of the quirks of the owner then read on!    Halifax Courier – Business Focus – Tim Grinsdale  ...

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