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Making Your Priorities a Priority

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‘You gotta make it a priority to make your priorities a priority.' Richie Norton


This is a quote we love because it takes the classic time-management advice a little bit further.

We all know how much information there is about the importance of prioritizing your workload.  But we also need to ensure we’re developing practical habits to deliver against our long term goals.

The best time-management skills one can develop are those that become instinctual.  Repetition is the key here.  Commit yourself to daily and weekly reviews until this becomes an easy and regular part of your routine. 

Here Richie Norton is asking us not to get lost in our daily tasks, even if they are prioritized.  We should always make sure they are working towards our broader goals and priorities.  


TOAD® Tips -


Make sure you’ve developed processes. Make repeatable work as efficient as possible.  For example, use email templates to speed up your work emails.  

The more you can speed up repeatable work, the easier it will be to take a step back and make sure you're really focusing on your priorities.

Get the right tools on your side.  It could be as simple as a 'to do' list or a perhaps a specialist App.  The important thing is to have these tasks recorded so that when you review your week you can place these tasks in the context of your broader goals.  

GTD is a classic productivity product that helps to keep you on track. To find out more click here.

 And don't forget a custom planner will help you on your way with achieving those all important goals

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