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Design Your Own Diary or Planner

Design Your Own Diary or Planner in Seconds With TOAD Designer


Design your diary and create the ideal organizer with our online design your diary tool. Or if you'd like to know how to make your own personal diary yourself find out how below.

Create a fully custom diary, and get organized your the year ahead! Choose your size, duration, start-month & then customise your cover with one of our huge selection of cover ranges. Add your name to the cover, or whatever you like! Select your inlay format from many variations, weekly, daily and many other specialised formats.

1. Choose your preferred size

Our books are available in A5, A4 & our custom 'Exec' size (in between A5 & A4).

2. Launch TOAD® cover picker and choose a your ideal cover design

Choose from a huge range of design-led covers.

3. Choose your internal format layout that best suits your needs

With many popular and specialist formats to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you need.

4. Start yours whenever you want... even on a Sunday!

Start your diary on your chosen start month, and even create a diary that suits your working week by choosing your start day layout.

Design your Own Notebook, Notepad or Journal with Our Notebook Designer Now!
Week to View Formats

Week to View Formats

Week to View

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Day per Page Formats

Day per Page Formats

Day per Page

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Appointment Formats

Appointment Formats


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How to make a Diary Yourself

If you want to create your own diary from scratch follow the directions below.

Having a diary is a terrific way to keep yourself organised, relieve stress, and stay on top of your plans for the future. Making your own diary is relatively easy and you can on onpersonal to you. Or, you can convert a notebook you already have into a customized diary with some easy decorations. Learn how to do that with the directions below.

1- Paper & Your Layout

Firstly get your pages for the diary. Choose how many sheets based on your needs. You can get free templates, and print the diary format yourself, or simply use lined notes paper and create the layout afterwards . Once you have the paper you need, fold the portions in half and stack them inner one another so you have several folded pages. You can use a glued binding technique, to keep the paper together.

2 - Binding

Gather together your paper and apply glue down the inner edge the pages of your diary. Alternatively, you can simply stapel down the inner edge of the paper. Now you have the internal content for your diary. Glue the certain edge of the paper to a cowl made from heavy paper, cardstock, fabric, etc. Or, create a short and smooth backbone with some colorful duct tape or similar heavy tape over the glued fringe of the paper.

3 - Cover

Make your cover by wrapping car or fabric around your paper to keep your diary secure and durable. You may wish to create a cover that is slightly oversized, as with many ‘off-the-shelf’ diaries on the market. Once you have created the cover feel free to embellish it with artwork, or your own drawings. Don’t forget to check out the video above for a step by step tutorial on how to make a diary from scratch.