Date Flexible and format flexible




Start any month of the year



Soft-touch material or
design-led printed covers


Choose any duration


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A huge range of formats to choose from


Free Personalisation


Available in: A5, EXEC & A4




You can choose from...

Soft touch design your own diary range

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Design your own diary - essentials range

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A little bit more about TOAD®DESIGNER

Choose your diary size



The Perfect Diary in a few simple Steps!




1. Choose a your preferred size

Our books are available in A5, A4 & our custom 'Exec' size (in between A5 & A4).



Custom size options



2. Launch TOAD® cover picker and choose a cover design

Choose from a huge range of design led covers, or from a wide variety of colours in our soft-touch range.



Personalise & customise your cover



3. Choose a format that best suits your needs

With many popular and specialit formats to choose from, you're sure to find excatly what you need.



Choose from many formats



4. Start yours whenever you want... even on a sunday!

Start your diary on your choosen start month, and even create a diary that suits your working week by choosing your start day layout.



Start any month


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