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Here at TOAD Diaries, we are proudly supporting PassTheBook with our partners at TOAD Trade Bookbinding for Children & the Arts. The aim of the project is to pass on the knowledge from one creative to another, for a child who due to circumstance does not have access to a rich creative culture and in doing so to inspire a future generation of creatives. A great cause!






W H A T   I S   C H I L D R E N   A N D   T H E   A R T S ?


Children & the Arts reaches out to the many young people who, due to physical, social or economic disadvantage, do not have the opportunity to be inspired by our rich cultural heritage and to benefit from all it offers. We inject creativity, enjoyment and aspiration into the lives of children and their communities.  

We work with the hardest to reach children for whom our work can have a transformative impact, supporting their personal and social development and ultimately improving their life chances. Since 2006, we have reached out to almost 400, 000 disvadvantaged children nativonwide, building their self-confidence, communication and analysis skills and nurturing their wellbeing through the transformative power of the arts. Our unique point of difference is leveraging the impact of live professional arts experiences in arts venues and developing a tailored programme of activity around this for a cluster of schools or a children’s hospice.








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