Toad Diaries and the Company behind it

The company behind Toad Diaries is TG Media-Vision Ltd, which is based in Brighouse. Read on to learn a little about Toad Diaries and about TG Media-Vision Ltd.

About TG Media-Vision Ltd

TG Media-Vision Ltd provides a complete range of media-delivery services.

The company developed the TOAD® Diaries concept. Working with its vested-in partners, TG Media-Vision Ltd designed and developed the underlying systems and end-to-end operations from the ground up.

The professional expertise within TG media-Vision Ltd includes: Music and Voice Over origination, Audio Production (from Recording through to Mixing and Mastering), Professional Video Capture, Editing and Production; Professional Photography, Editing and Production; Motion Media (2D and 3D); Graphic Design; Print Layout and Fulfilment (including Marketing Materials; Leaflets; Booklets and Magasines); Simple Website through to full E-commerce development; Project Management

The focus of the media-delivery side of the company is to offer clients a cost-competitive palette of choice, so that the client can draw from any of the media-delivery services from TG Media-Vision Ltd in the most appropriate way. The ‘component’ structure of the company, and its flexible services, mean that it can meet any genuine competitive quote. More importantly, the company has the expertise to deliver applications and services that ‘last beyond launch’ – inherent in our delivery comes rigorously tested products, resilience, back-up and support with scalability and ease of operation in mind.

For further information please in the first instance email us at and we'll get straight back to you.

About TOAD Diaries

TOAD®  stands for TodayOrAnyDay. Customers can visit TOAD® any day of the year and find a Diary that starts and ends any time of the year.

The full concept behind TOAD® is to offer customers the freedom to choose diaries, journals, personal organisers, and related book-type products that suit their preferences or way of life. And therefore not constrained by the limitations of the 'High Street' offering at any particular time of year.

TOAD® Diaries produces all its custom products in-house, enabling close control over service levels and quality. 

TOAD® values are simple enough: Simple, Honest, Personal, Reliable, and Respectful. The company works hard to project these values through every aspect of its operation: From how its website presentation through to production practices through to customer contact. We openly invite feedback on any of our values as we continue to seek excellence in all aspects.

The company operates a progressive and meaningful Green Policy