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Fitness & Training Diaries | Personalised & Customised
Choose your perfect training Diary for 2017 -2018 with TOAD®

With a TOAD® training diary you can start any month and last various durations… to perfectly fit your training and workout schedule.

Each diary comes with additional content such as; log book area, training plans, nutrition, injury prevention, vital core exercises and stretches.

Choose your sport:

Mid Year Diary


Mid Year Diary

Your favourite sport on the cover

To compliment our great Fitness Diary proposition we offer a wide range of sports featured on the cover design. From Yoga to Rugby

All of which can be personalised with a motivational message or to cover a specific training period

Complete with:

Running Logs | Training Plans | Injury Prevention

Vital Core Exercises | Nutrition | Stretching | Key Events | Distance & Speed tables

Mid Year Diary

Mid Year Diary

Lightweight & flexible

The fitness diaries come with a wirobound bind which is perfect for the active lifestyle.

They are lightweight so easily carried around the gym or track. They also can simply be slipped into any training bag and their poly cover protects the diary from damp, mud or extra damage.